How To Choose The Right Canoe

How To Book The Right Canoe and Rafting Trip

Canoe(kano) and Rafting is a fun activity. It is like a natural roller coaster ride where crossing rapids of varying difficulty levels will make you feel like a true adventurer indeed. Usually, a group of 6-8 people can occupy a raft and paddle through the rapids. They are, of course, always accompanied by a rafting instructor.

But how do you zero-in on the best rafting trip for yourself? What are the factors that you should keep in mind? What should be the duration of the trip and which river is best suited for you? If you have always been wondering this but never had a chance to ask anyone, then worry not. Read on and see whether you feel that it has helped you in any way.

1. Do extensive research: Before you just pack your bags and leave for some random destination to experience the thrill of canoe(tørrdrakt) and rafting, it is advisable to do proper research. Gather as much information about this adventure activity. You will be surprised to know that there is more to it than simply sitting in a raft with a life jacket and experiencing a roller-coaster.

2. Assess your abilities: That is a very important step in booking the correct rafting(tørrdrakter) trip for you. Your physical fitness matters a lot, so be honest about it. There are six classes in which rapids are divided, depending on the difficulty in negotiating them. Are you a beginner? In which case you must select the ones which are easy or moderate. If you are afraid of water to the point that it gives you panic attacks, then it is better to take adequate measures for that. Those with prior experience would want to take it up a notch and go for difficult rapids.

3. Safety matters: Safety is paramount. No arguments there! Adventure sports is all about experiencing the thrill of the unknown, which is why you should take safety seriously. Do a little background check on the organization which is handling your rafting holiday? They must have proper safety equipment and gear.

4. What kind of a group are you? Ask yourself this question if you are going in a group. Solo travelers or couples don’t have much of choice since the adventure company would put them up with similar people. But if you are going in a group of say four to eight people, then that changes the way you book the rafting(kajakk) trip. If you are all experienced rafters, you might want to go for something rougher. If you are a family group of all age groups with kids, then you might want to consider a beginner-level rapid. A group of youngsters can go for moderate-class Rapids, as they can enjoy to the maximum this way.